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At Christeria we are on a mission of creating leaders for future.

At Christeria your child will receive an early years education provided by qualified teachers and nursery nurses within a well established school.

The Nursery expects and encourages good behaviour as part of a whole school programme. Children are expected to be well mannered, respectful and to get on with each other.


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Our Vision


Provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum to enable all pupils to work to the best of their ability


Maintain a safe, open and friendly environment within which pupils are encouraged to develop a love of learning and to become confident, independent and lifelong learners


Provide equal opportunities for all our children and encourage them to be proud of their own culture, religion and language and to show respect for those of others


Work together in a positive partnership with parents and academician and to contribute to the quality and development of our local community.



  • Srushti Walande

    Diploma in International Business.

    Christeria has the biggest share in building my childhood and making it worth a memory and the efforts. I feel lucky to be a part of this great institution who is selfless enough to enlighten and brighten it's students' lives. It's highlights are "not just bookish knowledge". Practicality, responsibility and livelyhood is the core. With Christeria, every member can be sure about spending the best days here. .

  • Amit Dhulekar

    MS Structural & Construction Engineering from Griffith University, Australia

    The Schooling years at Christeria High School was the Golden era of my life. Lots of fun memories to cherish. Our school played important role in imparting the quality of hard work in Students. Our Principal Poly Miss is actively involved in smallest to biggest activities of the school and hence is a great Value Addition for the School.

    SSC Batch: 1998

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